5 Wonderful Stretches for Back Pain Relief Everyone Should Learn

You rise from bed, ready to start another day. But then, you feel a debilitating pain in your back. Suddenly, you feel as though you’re falling apart. And so is your world. Continue reading to learn about the stretches for back pain relief.

The reality is, you’re not alone. Research shows that about 80% of individuals will encounter pain in their backs during their lifetimes. And during the month of November, a drop in temperature makes people even more susceptible to spine strains.

The good news? You can start each day with a healthy set of stretches designed to relieve back pain. Here’s a rundown on five wonderful stretches for back pain relief that are worth adding into your daily routine.

Let’s jump in!

stretches for back pain

Stretches for Back Pain Relief:

Trunk Rotation

This stretch will enhance your spine’s mobility and relax your muscles on your trunk’s sides.

To perform this stretch, you’ll need to lie on a mat with your knees bent. Keep your upper back on the floor, and rotate your legs toward the ground until you feel a stretch.

Repeat this stretch on your other side. Be sure to hold every stretch for five seconds, and repeat this 10 times.


This stretch is designed to help you to maintain your spine’s mobility while strengthening your abdominal and back muscles.

To perform the stretch, you’ll need to start out on your hands and knees. Arch the back toward the ceiling, hold this position, then arch the back toward the floor and hold.

Each of these stretches should last five seconds and be repeated 10 times.

Hip Flexor

This stretch will make your hip flexors more flexible and thus decrease your back pain when you’re performing upright activities.

You can perform this stretch by kneeling and leaning forward toward your bent knee. A stretch will be felt in your opposite thigh’s front area.

Hold this stretch for about 10 seconds, and repeat this five times.

Child’s Pose

This stretch will help to make your spine more mobile and also relax your lower back muscles.

To perform the stretch, get on your knees and hands. Then, sit the hips back as you reach forward with your arms. You should feel a stretch.

Keep this stretch for about 10 seconds, then repeat it five times.


This stretch is designed to make your hamstrings more flexible and thus decrease stress in your back area when you are lifting and bending.

Performing this stretch properly involves sitting on the ground with a leg straight. The other leg should be bent.

Keep your back flat against the floor, and lean forward from your hip. You will feel a stretch in the back part of your thigh. Repeat this on your other leg.

You should hold every stretch for about 10 seconds and repeat this five times.

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