Is There a Recovery Period with Epidural Spinal Injections?

If you are wondering whether there is a recovery period following an epidural spinal injection – the answer is yes.
Epidural spinal injections are non-invasive outpatient procedures, but they still come with some side effects and downtime. Fortunately, the recovery period is short and manageable for the majority of patients and the relief they get from the shot is well worth the process.

Causes of Middle Back Pain: Top Reasons for Your Pain

When people complain about back pain, the issue is usually with their lower back. This is because that region does most of the work when it comes to supporting the weight of your body.
But among all the 31 million Americans who struggle with backache at some point in their lives, you can imagine that not everyone experiences it solely in the lower region of their back.

7 Tips for Your First Appointment With a Spine Specialist

Are you experiencing back pain? It’s not surprising. The sudden drop in temperature during the winter months increases your chances of spine strain.
But know this. If you’re going to the spine specialist for the first time, it’s very important that you come prepared.

4 Important Ergonomic Solutions for Keeping a Healthy Spine

Back and spinal pain is one of the most common complaints made by patients to their doctors. And 80% of adults experience lower back pain at some time or another during their lives. And it comes as no surprise, considering that 86% of Americans sit all day, every day, at their place of work. There are many ergonomic solutions that will aid your spinal health, regardless of whether or not you have an injury. But what are they?

5 Wonderful Stretches for Back Pain Relief Everyone Should Learn

You rise from bed, ready to start another day. But then, you feel a debilitating pain in your back. Suddenly, you feel as though you’re falling apart. And so is your world.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting an Epidural with Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a result of the curvature of the spine. Which results in pain and reduced quality of life if it remains ignored.
Thankfully, there are some things you can do to improve your situation and get some relief with proper treatment.

5 of the Most Common Back Conditions and How to Treat Them

Dealing with back pain is not only uncomfortable, but it can also interfere with your quality of life and ability to do the things you want to. There are a number of different bank conditions that you could be suffering from, so it’s important to understand