C.G. -Posterior Spinal Fusion



On June 28, 2010, our daughter, Camille, had scoliosis surgery performed by Dr. Anthony Moreno. Camille’s spine curvature was at 55°, and Dr. Moreno, using his surgical brilliance and the advances in surgical technology, was able correct it to approximately 10-12° by inserting two titanium rods and 20 screws.

Before the surgery, Camille’s back and even her front was very distorted causing her to live with a moderate amount of pain every day. Today, Camille’s back is extremely straight in comparison, and she hardly complains of discomfort. The surgery didn’t just straighten Camille’s back; it eliminated the constant pain and increased her self-confidence and her self-esteem as well.

Camille was born with ataxic/hypotonic cerebral palsy, and has some cognitive challenges. Going through the entire process, from surgical preparations to recovery, was a very scary and stressful ordeal for her. The kind, caring and professional staff members at Mease Countryside Hospital, and the friendly, efficient, and competent office staff at Dr. Moreno’s office, facilitated a positive and favorable experience for Camille. Camille loves to tell people that Dr. Moreno fixed her back and that she has rods and screws in her back and will now light up a metal detector at an airport.

The actual surgery turned out to be more involved than anticipated, especially the first few days after surgery, recovering in ICU, and being dependent on others for most of her needs, but overall the experience was very worthwhile and has made a tremendous difference in Camille’s life and our lives as well. She has become more independent and self-determined, and her entire outlook on life has changed for the better. Thank you to Dr. Moreno and his staff for giving our little girl a better quality of life… you are truly angels! God Bless you all!