D.K. -Dr. Moreno has turned my life around!

D.K., 55 y/o female with thoracolumbar scoliosis, 2 stage surgery.

The first stage involved an exploration of fusion T9-L4, posterior spinal fusion with instrumentation from T2-pelvis, posterior osteotomies, iliac fixation, & transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion. The second stage involved removal of instrumentation T2-pelvis, lumbar laminectomies, posterior spinal fusion with instrumentation T2-pelvis, diskectomies, and bone grafts.

“Before I had surgery, I was on long term and short term morphine for about 4-5 years. My pain was exceeding a ’10’ on the pain scale! In addition, I was receiving epidural steroid injections which provided no relief. Dr. Moreno corrected my 90 degree scoliosis curve down to 30 degrees! I also had kyphosis, in which he eliminated the hump on my right shoulder. This was through two 10 hour surgeries a week apart. It’s been a year since surgery and I am no longer on morphine and pain free! I love Dr. Moreno and he is the most professional, kindest, humble doctor that I have ever had in my life! The staff has been accommodating and wonderful! He has turned my life around!”