D.O. -Flat Back Syndrome

I have been a Scoliosis patient of Dr. Anthony P. Moreno’s since 1998. It was then, that I was diagnosed with Flat Back Syndrome, post Harrington Rod surgery. At this time, I was in my early 30’s and could not walk great distances, leaned forward when walking, and was not able to live a quality life. I remember the days of feeling trapped, inside a painful body, day in and day out. Dr. Moreno was the one doctor who gave me hope!

Flat Back Syndrome surgery 

My problem was structural and surgery was the only answer. After thorough research, I came to find that there were only a handful of surgeons who could perform the surgery I required, and Dr. Moreno was one of them. He reconstructed my flattened spine forming a lumbar arch which allowed me to stand up straight after surgery; thus, alleviating that chronic, miserable pain. His talents gifted me the quality of life again! I went on to have a beautiful baby, something I never thought would be possible.

For all the years I have known him, I have always found him to be truthful, caring, precise, impecable, and excellent at what he does! Before and after surgery, he would answer all my questions and concerns and put my mind at ease. Surgery is a big step and having a positive attitude and the right surgeon are two key ingredients for success!

D. O., Florida