H.D. -Dr. Moreno has given me my life back!

H.D., 65 Years old, Posterior spinal fusion T2-pelvis, instrumentation, osteotomies, transforaminal interbody fusion

Well, what can I say? Dr. Moreno has given me my life back! I am 65 years old and was having a lot of low back pain and sciatica on my right leg due to scoliosis. My curve was 59 degrees. Dr. Moreno operated on me this past year (2010), and my spine is now 18 degrees, and I have no more pain when I walk or stand! Before my operation, I got to the point that I was using my walker and couldn’t stand for long without a lot of pain. I’ve been to a lot of orthopedic doctors and spine specialists, and none of them could tell me they could straighten my spine. When Dr. Moreno told me he could, I knew he was the one that I could trust to help me. God bless him, I recommend him highly!