Causes of Middle Back Pain: Top Reasons for Your Pain

When people complain about back pain, the issue is usually with their lower back. This is because that region does most of the work when it comes to supporting the weight of your body.

But among all the 31 million Americans who struggle with backache at some point in their lives, you can imagine that not everyone experiences it solely in the lower region of their back.

The truth is that you can also feel upper and middle back pain and there are many reasons why.

Keep reading as we go through some of these possible reasons and you might just find the one behind your discomfort!

Causes of Middle Back Pain:

1. Herniated Disc

There are 33 vertebrae in your spine and some of them are protected by soft cushions – the discs – which are full of liquid and allow you to move your back.

A herniated disc happens when one of these cushions slips out of place, putting pressure on a nerve and causing back pain, tingling, numbness and muscle spasms.

2. Kidney Issues

Sometimes back pain can be a sign of an issue on another part of your body. And many times, that part is a kidney.

If you feel the ache right under your ribcage and you experience other symptoms like nausea, pain while peeing, and fever, it might be a good idea to get your kidneys checked.

3. Spine Strain

From November to February, the temperatures lower quite a bit and that has an impact on your body.

For instance, the cold can open up disc strains, which will definitely cause some discomfort.

This happens because, as a response to the weather conditions, your back muscles and tendons tighten up and that can pull sensitive nerves on your back.

4. Injury

This one might seem quite obvious but sometimes we hurt our bodies and forget because we don’t feel it right away.

But think about the last few weeks. Do you remember any situation when you might have injured your middle back? If you fell or made any uncomfortable movements while playing sports, that might be your answer.

5. Unhealthy Lifestyle

We’ve all heard about how important it is to treat our bodies right.

Exercise, eat properly, rest, avoid unhealthy habits like smoking and overdrinking… if you tend to do the opposite of these things, your back might be suffering the consequences.

6. Aging

This one’s inevitable and it usually affects people between 30 and 60 years old.

As the years go by, your body loses its strength, your bones get thinner and both the fluid in your spine and your muscle mass decrease. All of this can lead to upper, lower and middle back pain.

Relieving Middle Back Pain

Once you understand what’s causing your middle back pain, it becomes easier for you to find an efficient solution.

A couple of things that always help are doing yoga, using ice and heat alternatively and actively improving your day-to-day posture.

If the pain still persists, it’s a good idea to seek medical help. Here at Moreno Spine & Scoliosis, we specialize in all things back-related, so send us a message and we’ll help you feel good again! Contact us if you have any questions about the causes of middle back pain.